The Inspired Story

As an intelligent college senior with an executive career dream job lined up, the future looks bright for Kim (the true life Cathi figure). Motivated by success yet hardened by a legalistic background, Kim likes to runs things her way. She too enjoys the outlet of recreational running.

Progressing into her dream job, a sequence of painful life circumstances occur, including an unplanned pregnancy. This challenges everything! As she faces her choice and the resultant consequences, her aloneness is exposed: “Who will stand with me? Who will love me – just for me?”

The answer comes gently as ordinary Believers from various walks of life quietly ‘wash her feet’, serving her with acts of kindness. The enduring sincerity softens Kim’s heart.

The story concludes as Kim attempts her greatest distance challenge: running a marathon. The drama of the 26.2 miles parallels her new Faith Journey as a Believer.

Cathi's True Story…

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Thank you!

Thank you to all who helped throughout the production process. Numerous volunteers on set and off all worked together to help us achieve our filming needs. We are thankful for those who allowed us to film onsite at their home/facility. Thanks to: Harris Country Park Services, Redding Family, Horton Family, Korjagin Family, Wesley Methodist, D. Bushby, J. Young, J. Lively, L . Barta & HBU, Dr. Ho & Family, G. Tsu, Hairitage Salon, Chapelwood UMC, Memorial Drive Methodist, Skol Bar & Grill, Pasadena Crisis Pregnancy, Sugarland Surgical Center, HARRA, Kenyan Way